We have been in business since October 1975. Initially the company exported fruits and vegetables to North America, however this did not continue for too long because we did not have a reliable supply of products. Most of the economy was focused on the energy industry and agriculture was put on the back burner. In the late 80’s we diversified into the Seafood business and established a small temporary processing facility in Icacos. We bought fish and shrimp on the local market, some of which were further processed and exported to countries such as the USA, Canada, Jamaica, Barbados and Dominica. Our brand name Prize Catch was established and we were only one of two companies who sold packaged seafood products to the local retail trade. National Fisheries Company (a state owned enterprise) was the other company and they were the pioneers at that time with added value products for the retail trade. The seafood supply in Trinidad began to dwindle in the late 90’s which caused the prices to escalate. We then supplemented our local supply by importing seafood items from Guyana and Grenada.


In 2005 we further diversified our product range and began trading with poultry products from both local and foreign suppliers. Even though our company has been around for such a long period of time we still remain a relatively small company and are therefore able to give more personalized service with greater efficiencies. Our Values and Virtues form the core of our relationships and we are very careful not to have them compromised. We trust in God and in Him our future lies.


Our company Mission Statement:

To deliver the highest quality products to our customers, provide meaningful and rewarding jobs for our employees, enhance the success of the company, while harmonizing economic, social, spiritual, and environmental responsibility


Our shareholders/directors:
Leslie Jennings-Managing Director
Dean Johnson-Director